High Risk Pregnancy Services


A high risk pregnancy is one in which some condition puts the mother, the developing fetus, or both at higher-than-normal risk for complications during or after the pregnancy and birth. Such women would need close monitoring, counseling and sympathetic approach. In order to dedicate more time to these women, experts in our team run a special clinic once a week.

This clinic caters to women with recurrent miscarriages, previous pregnancy losses and neonatal mishaps. We also treat women with medical problems like diabetes (preexisting or which developed in pregnancy), high blood pressure, thyroid disorders, heart problems, autoimmune problems (APLA, LUPUS, Arthritis etc.,). Women are seen in special clinics by us along with other specialists in the respective areas.

Fetal medicine specialist, diabetologist, dietician, yoga therapist, Ayurvedic & Homeopathic physicians are part of the specialist team. We recommend alternative system of medicines to complement modern medicine for the betterment of mother's and baby's outcome. Having a special clinic of this nature will promote support groups among patients which reduces the stress associated with their pregnancies.

This clinic is run by senior consultant Dr. Latha Venkatram who is one of the few doctors in India who is trained in UK and Ireland in this specialty. She has extensive experience in this field and is the first one to start combined obstetric and medical clinics in Bangalore. If you have/ had a medical problem which complicated your pregnancy, call us to fix an appointment for our "High risk clinic".

The clinic runs on all Fridays between 8.30 am to 10.30 am at Rangadore Memorial Hospital.