Group Practice


SBOBGYN takes extreme pride in coming together with similarly qualified, like-minded, ethical and conscientious OBGYN specialists who want to provide comprehensive quality care for women. Our working ethos is based on the ability of clinicians to hold themselves accountable to high standards of quality (and improvement in quality), clinician competency, continuity of care, and adherence to an explicit strategy for ensuring patient safety.

Although a new concept in Bangalore, group practice has been in vogue for decades in countries like the USA, UK. It brings together a multitude of advantages for the women booking under us.

Patient safety

Patient safety Obstetrics is not a '9 to 5' profession. We have a roster system for attending emergencies which will ascertain that no tired or rushed doctor will either deliver your baby or attend to you and hence there will be no unnecessary interventions.


Consultation with a specialist from our team will be easily accessible at any time of the day due to wide-spread consultation timings suitable to women from all walks of life. Women have the option to meet all the doctors in the team especially during our parent-craft classes.

Subspeciality skills

Subspeciality skills amongst doctors in our practice can complement and ensure that we can deal comprehensively with women's health issues. For example, High risk pregnancy care, Medical Disorders in Pregnancy, Gynae Endoscopy, infertility etc.

Second opinions

Second opinions are in-built in the system assuring a comprehensive one-stop evidence-based care.

Additional help and expertise

In situations demanding a second pair of hands, we are assured that competent help by our group is at hand.

Shared responsibility

We share responsibility and workload, and hence have peace of mind that our patients are well cared for when one of us is not available. We have more time for further training/study so we can stay up to date with our medical skills and knowledge.

Work-life balance

It is easier for us to support each other and we can spend quality time with our families without any detrimental effect to patient care.