General Gynaecology

Gynaecological Care

Our gynaecology services extend from care of the adolescents, going through the middle years, upto and beyond menopause. Members of our team are skilled in treating gynaecological problems like menstrual disorders, PCOS, fibroids, endometriosis as well as abnormal pap smears. We provide services in advanced Vaginal surgeries, Laparoscopy, Hysteroscopy and Colposcopy. We also provide special clinic services for women with menopause problems.

Our services include:

  • Routine gynaecologic visit : The annual gynaecological consultation is your opportunity to receive preventive health services as well as review any pre-existing gynaecological problems. You would have a detailed general physical examination, breast and pelvic examination as required, based on your condition. You would also receive guidance about breast self-examination. Any relevant laboratory or imaging tests may be advised.
  • Menstrual disorders clinic : Are heavy periods disrupting your life? Every woman is different and the amount of blood each woman loses during her period varies widely from one person to another. We assess your condition with Ultrasound, Office hysteroscopy, Pipelle endometrial biopsy, etc. We offer treatment options such as Mirena insertion and endometrial ablation. Most menstrual problems can be treated medically without the need for removal of the womb.
  • Adolescent gynaecology
  • PCOS and hirsutism
  • Contraception
  • Infertility services and treatment of endometriosis
  • Uterine abnormalities such as fibroids, polyps, etc
  • Pap smears and cervical cancer screening, including Colposcopy clinic and LEEP ( Loop excision or cervix)
  • Minimally invasive gynaecologic surgery: Laparoscopic treatment of ovarian cysts, ectopic pregnancy, fibroids, endometriosis, hysterectomy, vaginal surgeries, etc.