If any of the following conditions occur during your pregnancy, please come to the labour area of the hospital where you plan to deliver

  • Bleeding from your vagina
  • Water loss from your vagina
  • If you feel that baby movements are less or absent
  • If there is persistant headache, visual disturbances, vomiting, persistant pain in your tummy and persistant swelling of feet, hands or face
  • Itching of palms and soles

Registrar Doctors who are trained Obstetricians will be on call in the hospital, round the clock and will attend to you on your arrival.

In an emergency, please do not hesitate to contact the on call consultant on 9842004547.

Please do not call with non-emergency queries on this number. These calls will be strongly discouraged.

If you have a non emergency query, please email us on info@southblrobgyn.com

You will receive a response in two working days.